Website in a Container

You can host your website with us on our Docker Swarm Server cluster, more cost effective and easier to use than a Virtual Machine and more responsives and customizable than shared-hosting.  Your website will have nightly snapshots, a duplicate container running in parallel to provide 99.9% up-time and CDN services provided by MaxCDN which we handle for you. 
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Because each account has it’s own Containers, it is separate and safe from other accounts protecting your installation and protecting the data inside it.  In the unlikely even of a breach, we are able to quarantine the infected container and restore from a previous snapshot prior to the attack. 


On our platform, WordPress is a first class citizen, we live and breath it for many of our clients and can assist you with many aspects of it including design and artwork if needed. 

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Separate Database

Every account gets it’s own Database Server instance, not just sharing a server with other websites.  You are free to do whatever you want with your Database Server, knowing it’s completely separate and safe from any malicious attacks. 


CPanel is available for all to use and as it’s the industry standard, professional designers and developers know how to use it and manage it. 

Fully Managed WordPress

If you don’t want CPanel and just would like wordpress, our fully managed solution is for you.  We take care of the updates and security concerns for your WordPress site. 

Technical Support 24/7

Our Website offering is a premium service and therefore we offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week ticket support system.  You can rest with piece of mind that we are looking after you. 
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